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About  J. Andrew

My name is Andrew. My incredible wife Joslynn and I are a husband and wife team with over a decade of experience in website and graphic design, professional photography, marketing, book publishing, social media and more.

Joslynn is very business savvy with years of experience in management and marketing and I am super creative with an eye for all things visual and artistic. We have three amazing and beautiful daughters Makayla (13), Sawyer (4) and Charlie (2). Makayla is our surfer girl with a stage presence that lands her in roles ranging from her school's holiday show to dinner theater productions. Sawyer is a non-stop ball of energy and has a fearless sense of adventure and intrigue for the world around her. Charlie is our little heart warrior born with a rare congenital heart defect (CHD) and has already gone up against two open-heart surgeries, a pace maker implantation and dozens of other operations and always comes out on the other end with a smile on her face and the ability to love life with a passion I can't even imagine to understand.

I started out as a freelance photographer who dabbled in coding html, website and graphic design when I was about 21 and then a few years later after Joslynn and I got married in 2007, we started our first business - J. Andrew Photography. Over the last decade we've traveled all over the country on photography assignments in Nashville, Hawai'i, Napa, Kansas City, Las Vegas, San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Paso Robles wine country, Yosemite and so many more exciting venues. We've worked for clients ranging from families and couples to companies like Google and Rabobank. During this time I honed my web and graphic design skills and began taking on all kinds of projects evolving over time into a career in web and graphic design.


Joslynn is also an accomplished author of three children's books in a growing series entitled "Charlie the Courageous" about a little girl with a heart scar who goes on adventures and teaches other children to love and embrace each others' differences. Joslynn wanted to donate a book to a child with a heart defect or other life threatening illness for each book purchased, so in order to do that we became book publishers ourselves and have designed and published all three titles in house. Her books have been sold throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and many other parts of the world and continue to inspire children and raise awareness for CHD research and funding. 

I am a self proclaimed nerd. I love playing video games, legos, Star Wars, Marvel, comic books, music, movies, art and everything in between! I also love the outdoors, hiking, fishing, backpacking and exploring... though I don't do nearly as much of it as I'd like. Our family loves all things Disney and as you can see from the photo, we go to Disneyland a lot! If you want to know more, check out all of our social media links to see photos of our wacky adventures on Instagram and Facebook or the silly, creative and fun stuff we pin on Pinterest!

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