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Rainy Day at the Santa Barbara Zoo

After a super productive meeting with one of my Village Property agents yesterday morning, the Little's begged me to take them to the Santa Barbara Zoo. Whenever they tag along with me to SB, it's pretty much a given that the zoo will come up at some point. Even though it was raining and cold, I couldn't help but give in to their adorable little pleas. So when the negotiations over hoodies being zipped up and making them promise to stay in the stroller with the covers on whenever I told them to had been finalized, we headed over to the zoo. We had so much fun and since there were only a couple other families crazy enough to go today, the girls got to spend extra time feeding Audrey the giraffe and even saw some of the animals that are usually sleeping or hiding. Sawyer always has to go visit the display with Gemina's skeleton and without fail cries every time over Gemina not being alive anymore. This time she told me, "Daddy, I'm not gonna cry today!" and she did pretty good, although when she decided she wanted a picture next to the exhibit, she had her sad face on. Charlie on the other hand had no problem hamming it up! lol

Our own little monkey had so much fun at the zoo that she passed out almost immediately after we got back in the car...

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